Leonell Echa

Leonell Echa is a writer, editor, public speaker and voice actor. He is a spoken word performer and judge who has appeared on several platforms in Nigeria. The author of “What if we think in colours?”-an unpublished collection of poems that looks at what happens when more parts of the human mind/brain are unlocked. He is about to make his debut publication titled It Was 4:56 a.m. -a paradox about the realities of the drag of identity, ethnicity, religion, community, forgiveness, diasporic living, childhood and children, suffering, healing, the journey to self-love, and resurrection. All these have been his aptitude while he majors working in the development sector.

He is a fellow of the Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship and one of the top three graduates of the class of 2018/2019. Leonell is currently the Special Assistant to the governor on Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution/ SDGs.

Experience: Kashim Ibrahim Fellow, Kaduna State Government, 2018-2019. Consultant (reintegration of CAAFAG and OVC), Neem Foundation, 2017-2018. Consultant (Community Development), Center for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN), 2016-2018. Program Officer (Peacebuilding), CEPAN, 2010-2015. Quality Assurance Auditor (HIV&AIDS), Maryland Global Initiative Cooperation, 2013. Radio Script Writer, Search for Common Ground, 2011-2012. Script Writer/Director, Jos Repertory Theatre, 2009-2011.

Education: MSc. Peace and Development Studies, University of Ilorin, 2017. B.A Theater and Communication Arts, University of Jos, 2008.